Subtitles for Online Courses

Subtitling is an essential tool in the field of e-Learning. It allows educational content to be adapted to audiences of different languages and ensures an inclusive experience for all viewers. At PONLE SUBTÍTULOS, we offer a comprehensive subtitling service for online courses that significantly expands the reach and accessibility of your educational videos.

Subtitling not only facilitates access to hard of hearing people but also expands the reach of your courses to potential students who do not know your language. Our multilingual subtitling service ensures that your courses can be understood anywhere in the world. Can you imagine the possibilities of reach? Endless, if you want to!

Subtitles for Online Courses and eLearning

At PONLE SUBTÍTULOS, we follow a rigorous process to guarantee accuracy and quality in the translation of your online courses. Our team of experts works on the transcription of the videos, conducts extensive research on specific terms, and creates accurate and well-timed subtitles. We also provide the translation in text format as an additional support material for your students.

We are aware of the adaptability that e-Learning videos must meet, so we create your subtitles in all languages in a wide variety of formats to ensure they are easily embedded into your online courses. From SRT and SSA files, to VTT, TTXT, PSB, RT, SSF and USF, or burned-in subtitles, we adapt to your technical needs and preferences.

Types of Online Courses We Subtitle

We help course providers from different sectors to overcome language barriers, enabling their content to reach global audience. Types of courses that usually require our subtitling service for e-Learning:

  • Academic Courses
  • Training Courses
  • Practical Courses (cooking, sewing, yoga, photography…)
  • Fitness Instruction
  • Programming Tutorials
  • Business Webinars
  • Health Seminars
  • Language Lessons, and more!