Audiovisual Translation Services

Focused on Audiovisual Translation, we offer a wide range of services for the most demanding costumers who want the best
for their work. In PONLESUBTÍTULOS we work with almost any format. Whatever your project, we adapt to your needs
and guarantee your satisfaction. We fully devote ourselves to each of our projects from the moment you request
any of our audiovisual translation and subtitling services. You will not receive our work until it’s 100 % polished. What do you need?


Subtitle insertion to your audiovisual work in the language you want. It includes documentation, traslation, spotting, proofreading and quality control. We offer both the subtitle file and the burned-in subtitles, embedded into the video.

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Script translation

If you have a film scrip which needs to be translated, you are in luck! We guarantee the best transfer from the source language to the target language of your script.

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Editing and proofreading of subtitles

Comprehensive editing and proofreading of subtitles. Relying on grammatical and subtitling criteria, we correct ortho-typographic
and timing errors.

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Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing

We offer you the chance to target people with hearing or visual disabilities, a detail many producers and filmmakers overlook. This service will definitely maximize the reach of your productions.

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Audio description for the blind or people with low vision

Best accesibility for people with visual disabilities so they can understand your work. It includes preliminary content analysis, audio-described script and, if needed, narration or voice-over of the script.

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Translation and adaption for dubbing

Need script translation for dubbing? Count on our team! If you would also like a narration or voice-over service, let us know and we will provide you with professional native voice actors and actresses that best fit your audiovisual production.

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DCP creation

We are experts in creating a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) and in making DCP subtitles, or subtitle conversion into XML SMPTE and Interop DCP. Required for film festivals, cinemas and VoD platforms.

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Audio transcription

Through the transcription service, we transfer a message from oral to wrriten form. If you want to convey the content of an audio recording in text, we can help you!

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Video transcription

Do you need to convert the content of a video to text? Count on our team! We also create Combined Continuity Dialogue and Spotting Lists (CCSL) with time codes and characters.

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Text translation

More and more people need require translating documents in the film, artistic and business world. Whether it’s about communicating abroad, presenting a project, or internationalizing their work. If that is your case, do not hesitate contacting us.

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Languages we Work with

We spread your work without language barriers. These are the languages we usually translate. Check those you are more interested in.