Film script translation

Film script translation is an essential service for expanding on your ideas. Because the film script is the cornerstone of an audiovisual production, its backbone. It works as a structure around which its story is hinged progressively, as well as its characters and its plot, to make the audience enjoy it.

If you want to translate a film script (literary or shooting script), you are in luck! In PONLE SUBTÍTULOS we not only care about an optimal transfer from the source language to the target language, but also about the treatment of cinematic language, that is, the elements which shape the story behind your script.

In order to interpret and translate it into the target language, we focus on the study of the characters’ features, the plot adaptation, and the fidelity to the original script, taking care of narrative and syntax at all times.

Script translation of films, shortfilms and TV series

Our team, specialized in professional film scripts format, in their creation and translation, will recognize which elements are needed for the transfer and which are not. They will know how to redesign the plot and, ultimately, how to adapt your work to another language in a genuine way, free of literal translations and empty sentences.

We offer the final translation in the text format you need (PDF, DOC, TXT, etc.).

Languages we work with

We spread your work without language barriers. These are the languages we usually translate. Check those you are more interested in.