Digital Cinema Package Creation

In order to show short films and feature films in festivals and movie theaters, you need a DCP (Digital Cinema Package). A DCP includes the film’s audio, video and subtitles, together with a collection of metadata used to control the film screenings. To clarify, it is what nowadays replaces the traditional film rolls, allowing movie theaters servers to recognize and play films in digital format instead of analogue.

Usually, this type of service is requested by movie producers, festivals and distributors, in order to make their film screenings easier.

We create your DCP

In PONLESUBTÍTULOS we are experts in converting digital video files in DCP format and creating or processing subtitles for DCP:

  • Conversion of digital files in DCP: This involves the creation of a DCP from digital files (such as MP4 or MOV), with compression for 2K and 4K and 5.1 stereo audio processing.
  • Creation of subtitles to be included in the DCP or conversion of subtitles to XML, SMPTE and Interop for DCP, if you already have a SRT subtitle file. We also elaborate Supplemental DCPs with different versions of an original DCP in order to add the required subtitling versions (in different languages).

A DCP is also used to be played in VOD platforms (Video on Demand). In this case, PONLE SUBTÍTULOS is responsible for creating a DCP that is compatible with the VOD platform, as well as the subtitles for this format, thus providing the best experience to their users.

Languages we work with

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