Translation for dubbing

Need script translation for dubbing? Count on our team! If you would also like a narration or voice-over service, let us know and we will provide you with professional native voice actors and actresses that best fit your audiovisual production.

In translation for dubbing, we must be true to the original while preserving the credibility. In our experience, translation for dubbing means compromise between the meaning of the work and the synchrony, to the extent that your audience will have the impression that the new text in the target language comes out of the original actor or actress as if it were theirs.

Adapt your script for dubbing

    In PONLE SUBTÍTULOS, we rely on the following synchrony criteria in order to ensure our costumers the best results:

    • Lip-sync: the translation aims to match the lip movements of the characters on screen with the sounds of the new translated audio track, as closely as possible.
    • Kinetic synchrony:the message read by the voice which delivers the translation must match the body movements which appear on screen (in cases where characters gesticulate, for instance)
    • Isochrony: the translation must have the same length as the intervention of the character who voiceovers it. In some cases, we shall
      trim the text or enlarge it.

    After following carefully our translation for dubbing guidelines, we will deliver the final result in a text file (PDF, DOC, TXT…) and, if needed, the narration of the voiced script in audio format (MP3, WAV…). We also offer audio-to-video synchronization, that is, editing the voiced script to your production. We’ll help you with everything you need!

    Languages we work with

    We spread your work without language barriers. These are the languages we usually translate. Check those you are more interested in.