Editing and proofreading of subtitles

If you already have a subtitle file but you question its quality, we can help you! This service consists of comprehensive editing and proofreading of subtitles, relying on spelling, grammatical and subtitling criteria.

Sometimes, a simple timing error can spoil the emotion of a full scene. Keep in mind that subtitles must appear on screen as soon as the character starts talking, and they must disappear when they finish their sentence.

That’s why we find the role of proofreading so important, because we manage to detect and correct any timing error through it, meeting the proper spotting. That is, a concordance between the word and the other elements of the film’s message.

The same goes for the unwanted spelling, syntactic or grammatical errors, which detract from the professionalism of an audiovisual production. Thanks to a precise quality control and the appropriate corrections made by our team, we ensure you that your subtitles will meet every rule of spelling, style and, of course, timing.

We correct the subtitles of your audiovisual production

In PONLE SUBTÍTULOS we commit to correcting every error that detracts from the quality of your work. We will not deliver the work until it is not 100 % polished. The truth is that we are very demanding with our editing and proofreading requests and, in order to get an immaculate spotting, it may be necessary to reformulate the text, until the In and Out times of the subtitle are respected. Nothing goes unnoticed!

Languages we work with

We spread your work without language barriers. These are the languages we usually translate. Check those you are more interested in.