Creation and translation of subtitles for any audiovisual support. Subtitling, as the name suggests, consists of subtitle insertion to an audiovisual work.

It is essential to use this service when we have a video whose language is unknown for a portion of your audience. Given this situation, the subtitler is responsible for transfering and adapting the work information to the desired language, by providing a subtitle track that will be shown on the lower part of the screen, simultaneously with the original audio playback.

The aim of the subtitle technique is to adapt the original language of a given work
to its audience
, a process that requires both linguistic and cultural transfers
and, therefore, a thorough knowledge of the linguistic and cultural aspects of both the source language and the tartget language.

 Indeed, subtitling is a painstaking work on the part of the person in charge, who will need to address a number of essential tasks, such as: documentation, creation and translation of subtitles, subtitle timing (also known as spotting), style adjustments, following subtitling guidelines, orthotypographical proofreading, quality control, etc. in order to ensure the quality service.

Video subtitling

In PONLE SUBTÍTULOS we export subtitle files in SRT, XML SMPTE and Interop DCP, TXT, SSA/ASS, EBU STL, CAP, VTT, among other formarts that you may need. In addition, we offter both the subtitle file and the embedded subtitles into the video, that is, the burned-in subtitles.

Do you already have the subtitle file but you need it in a different format? We also help you with the subtitle conversion into the required format!

Regarding the audiovisual works and companies requesting this service, we first highlight: short films, films, documentaries, VOD platforms, international film festivals, film producers and distributors, commercials, tv series, corporate videos, online courses, music videos, and a long et cetera!

Languages we Work with

We spread your work without language barriers. These are the languages we usually translate. Check those you are more interested in.