Audiovisual Translation

Welcome to PONLE SUBTÍTULOS, a multilingual Audiovisual Translation Agency which is driven by passion and creativity.  We love what we do and we always put all our effort and commitment into each one of our costumers’ orders. Make yourself understood in the language and format that you want. You are one step away from achieving it!


Focused on Audiovisual Translation

Whatever your project, we adapt to your needs and guarantee your satisfaction. We fully devote ourselves to each of our projects from the moment you request any of these services. You will not receive our work until it’s 100 % polished. What do you need?


Subtitle insertion to your audiovisual work in the language you want. It includes documentation, traslation, spotting, proofreading and quality control. We offer both the subtitle file and the burned-in subtitles, embedded into the video.

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Script translation

If you have a film scrip which needs to be translated, you are in luck! We guarantee the best transfer from the source language to the target language of your script.

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Editing and proofreading of subtitles

Comprehensive editing and proofreading of subtitles. Relying on grammatical and subtitling criteria, we correct ortho-typographic and timing errors.

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We offer you the chance to target people with hearing or visual disabilities. You can choose either subtitling for the hard of hearing service or audio description for the blind service, or both.

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How does it work?

Communication is the key. Tell us what you need and we will inform you of everything
you need. The modus operandi of subtitling service is very simple.
Just follow the described steps:

You send us your audiovisual production

Just attach the link or video file to our e-mail! If it’s a very large file, you can use Google Drive, WeTransfer…

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Our team subtitles it in the desired language

Once the quote and delivery date have been clarified, our team will get straight to work when you give the green light.

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Delivery: in the lead time and format you set

After completion of the service, we will send you the final work in the requested format. Your satisfaction with the final result is all that matters!

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Benefits of Subtitling your Film

If you still doubt, here are the reasons why subtitling
your work should be on your short list…

Festival appearances

If you’re planning to display your short or feature film in international festivals, you should know that subtitles are an essential requirement.

This work should be left to professionals
who can guarantee quality work.

Greater visibility on online platforms

Investing in the right subtitles increases
your audience.
And that’s because, from the moment
you publish your short film or film on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other online video platform,
the simple detail of containing subtitles will increase
the number of people worldwide in an unequivocal manner.

Improve the image of your project

The filmmaker who first worries
about being understood beyond their own language will convey a sense of trust about their project,
and will undoubtedly reach more people.

Cinema should have no limits!

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH)

Closed captions make your work accesible to deaf and hard of hearing people. We create specific subtitles for you in compliance with the legislation and official orientation for SDH in the country of the target language.

We also provide professional audio description for the blind.


Why should we work together?


When people who love what they do meet, wonderful things happen.


We offer our costumers competitive rates and language solutions throughout the process of internationalizing their work.

100 % human translation

We are a team trained at Audiovisual Translation and native in the target language, we stand against machine translation tools.


Our costumers are selected and awarded in international festivals as a result of our experience and know-how.


We guarantee on-time deliveries. We work with efficiency
and accuracy simultaneously.


Featured Works

El niño de fuego

Ignacio Acconcia

Editing and proofreading of subtitles


Adam Tisminetzky

Editing and proofreading of subtitles


Maxime Aubry, Aurèle Mayol

DCP Creation

The letter room

Elvira Lind

Video transcription

Languages we work with

We spread your work without language barriers. These are the languages we usually translate. Check those you are more interested in.











Who we collaborate with


Nowadays, Audiovisual Translation has become an important support for the media that is shown on our screens, through the text and graphics, oral speeches, suprasegmental information and sound effects in any audiovisual work.

AVT, which is understood as the translation of audiovisual texts, with a name that speaks for itself, informs about its speciality. Indeed, it’s the process of translatingn spoken or written content from one context to another in the context of audiovisual media. 

There are many factors and decisions to be taken into account at a linguistic, technical and artistic level throughout the entire translation process. Each change, however small, will affect the final result. In PONLE SUBTÍTULOS, we will get a product that will be able to faithfully reproduce the original meaning and purposes, thanks to the treatment we apply to each of the elements comprising the sense of the film.